Corrie W.

The best part of Sam’s program is that it is comprehensive. I have access to plenty of workout programs, but there aren't many programs that offer workout advice AND nutrition advice. The ones that offer both are extremely limited in nutirion, meaning I found myself eating endless piles of ground beef and eggs, and had no REAL options when it came to living my life over a 12 week time frame. Sam gave me specific advice on how much to eat within a framework of various food choices. I love that I could go out with friends and family, eat something off the menu, with just a little modification, and still stay on track with my goals.  I have changed in so many ways. I am still myself- but a newer, better version!!! I look leaner, I feel stronger, and ALL of my clothes fit for the first time in 4 years- Hell yes to that. I feel braver- I tried a new sport 10 weeks into the program (surfing- no easy feat!) and was able to do it!! And, I wore a bikini while doing it- like, who am I??? Mentally, I have a new confidence in myself and my physical abilities. I also have confidence in myself and I can feel it in the way I interact with other people. I have found myself making eye contact and genuinely being able to engage with people because I am not worried about what they are thinking about my physical self and I know that my WHOLE self is enough  and I can be present. Sam and her program came into my life at a time when I was seeking support and looking for a way to truly transform how I saw myself and my abilities. I have a renewed sense of power and confidence, as well as a ton of knowledge on how to take care of my body. I am so, so thankful that I invested in myself.