Danielle B.

I feel like my life has changed so much because of it; however, I think the knowledge and the confidence are the two biggest takeaways. Before Sam’s program I thought if I go hard every single day at the gym and not eat anything aside from vegetables I would accomplish my goals. But that isn't possible... AT ALL. Sam taught me that I don't need to deprive my body from it's wants and cravings to get to where I want to get, and she taught me that it's OKAY to not be perfect with a meal or to have an off day at the gym. Because of that mentality this 12 week program felt like a natural shift rather than a complete, sudden and unhealthy change. Most importantly now have the knowledge to recognize the small wins as I work towards the big ones. The program taught me to look at how diet, working out, every day decisions and rest all factor into a healthy LIFESTYLE, not just looking good in an Instagram picture. Since this was such a natural lifestyle improvement and not a crash diet or workout fad, I don't see this as the end of my journey at all. I'm so excited to continue on what Sam has taught me and look forward to the new challenges and goals I set for myself. I know I will continue to make the right decisions for my body and that's a feeling I am SO proud to have.