Jordy C.

Sam's workout/nutrition programs are unlike anything I have ever done before. One word: AMAZING. I am the type of girl who likes to eat, a lot. Many programs I have tried, tired me out completely because I was not getting the proper nutrition. Sam's program made me feel fueled and healthy! I am on a pretty tight budget, so Sam altered the workouts to where I can do them with just free weights and it works great! Her programs are detailed and easy to follow. If you get the nutrition along with the workout, it is for sure a game changer. I learned so much about nutrition and what I am putting into my body. The grocery list she provides makes shopping a breeze and the example meals she gives makes meal planning so easy. She really does it all. This is a commitment and I have slipped up because I am human, but every workout, every healthy meal pays off! I have seen amazing results from her program.