Kailey V.

During my senior year at the University of Arizona, I enrolled to compete in the Miss Arizona USA pageant. This was my second attempt at winning the crown and I was determined to focus on self growth throughout my training. I wanted to be able to present the judges with my best self, both inside and out. A mutual friend put me in contact with Sam and in that moment my life change for the better. Simply put, training with Sam not only allowed me to gain strength physically and push my limits beyond my wildest expectations, but I also grew in my self confidence and sense of self in general. By giving me the tools I needed to succeed in the kitchen through realistic meal prepping and flexible options, I learned how to fuel my body with the nutrients it needed. Her customized workouts allowed me to stay motivated and engaged in the gym and kept me wanting more. I felt stronger and more beautiful than ever before. While the physical changes allowed me to see my progress, my confidence and motivation to passionately pursue my goals showed the emotional impact that Sam had on me while training with her. Her encouragement and reliability made me feel 100% supported. I would HIGHLY recommend Sam to anyone who is looking to see dramatic changes in not only their appearance but also their confidence and self worth. She is a true master at her craft and takes great pride in sharing the joy that health and fitness can bring to the lives of others. I may not have won the crown that year competing for the title of Miss Arizona USA, but I gained so much more through the training and knowledge from Sam Davis.