Customize Macros

Customize Macros


Custom Macros & Foundational Education 
As a Certified Nutrition Specialist, I teach my clients to build a strong nutritional foundation so they can be healthy for the rest of their lives. You cannot create, and maintain, a healthy lifestyle or reach your fitness goals without a strong nutritional foundation- it’s not possible. I decided to create this ‘mini program’ to educate my girls that really don’t understand what a strong nutritional foundation looks like. Again, nutrition is imperative to understand whether you are trying to lose fat, or gain lean muscle mass and I teach you all about that in my mini-nutritional program.

What this package includes: 

  • Custom tailored macro numbers based on your body type and goals 

  • Information (10+ pages) on how to build the proper nutritional foundation for lifelong success 

  • The science and breakdown of what macros actually are 

  • How to calculate your calories 

  • How to calculate your macros 

  • If your fitness goals change, how to re-calculate accordingly 

  • Grocery List 

  • Meal Options 

  • A link to my healthy recipe board 

  • Snacks 

  • Pro-Tips 

  • Exclusive Facebook Group where I will continue to educate, answer questions & go live 

  • Email Support

Please understand that this is CUSTOMIZED to you. It takes time to do that. I need to read over your answers to my questions and then calculate and create your nutrition program. Vegan? Vegetarian? Pescatarian? No problem, your numbers will be the same regardless of your eating preferences. 

Since you receive your entire ‘mini-program’ electronically no refunds will be issued.

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