Client Transformations

— Real results from 110% motivation. 💪


Kailey V.

During my senior year at the University of Arizona, I enrolled to compete in the Miss Arizona USA pageant. This was my second attempt at winning the crown and I was determined to focus on self growth throughout my training. I wanted to be able to present the judges with my best self, both inside and out. A mutual friend put me in contact with Sam and in that moment my life change for the better. Simply put, training with Sam not only allowed me to gain strength physically and push my limits beyond my wildest expectations, but I also grew in my self confidence and sense of self in general. By giving me the tools I needed to succeed in the kitchen through realistic meal prepping and flexible options, I learned how to fuel my body with the nutrients it needed. Her customized workouts allowed me to stay motivated and engaged in the gym and kept me wanting more. I felt stronger and more beautiful than ever before. While the physical changes allowed me to see my progress, my confidence and motivation to passionately pursue my goals showed the emotional impact that Sam had on me while training with her. Her encouragement and reliability made me feel 100% supported. I would HIGHLY recommend Sam to anyone who is looking to see dramatic changes in not only their appearance but also their confidence and self worth. She is a true master at her craft and takes great pride in sharing the joy that health and fitness can bring to the lives of others. I may not have won the crown that year competing for the title of Miss Arizona USA, but I gained so much more through the training and knowledge from Sam Davis.



Jordy C.

Sam's workout/nutrition programs are unlike anything I have ever done before. One word: AMAZING. I am the type of girl who likes to eat, a lot. Many programs I have tried, tired me out completely because I was not getting the proper nutrition. Sam's program made me feel fueled and healthy! I am on a pretty tight budget, so Sam altered the workouts to where I can do them with just free weights and it works great! Her programs are detailed and easy to follow. If you get the nutrition along with the workout, it is for sure a game changer. I learned so much about nutrition and what I am putting into my body. The grocery list she provides makes shopping a breeze and the example meals she gives makes meal planning so easy. She really does it all. This is a commitment and I have slipped up because I am human, but every workout, every healthy meal pays off! I have seen amazing results from her program. 



Danielle H.

With Sam’s assistance, I’ve lost 40lbs, 28 inches off my body, AND my confidence back! There were more ups and downs than I could have anticipated, but she stood by my side every step of the way, supporting me, encouraging me, and motivating me to KEEP GOING. This is NOT a diet, this is a lifestyle. I am proud of how far I’ve come, I’m exited for the future, and I am THANKFUL for great people who don’t give up even when I’m unbearable. If anyone has big goals, call Sam. You won’t regret it!



Meagan H.

It wasn't long before I was hooked on Sam Davis and her amazing fitness and nutrition program. When I started working with her I felt tired, sluggish and as though I was losing the battle with health. She tailor-made tools for me to be successful in my fitness journey, and within a matter of weeks I was seeing muscles and definition I hadn't seen in years. I had more energy and felt incredible! If anyone is on the fence about her awesome program---take the leap!! She will not disappoint!



Hanna G.

My favorite part is the flexibility of the food options. I didn’t feel too restricted however there was enough change where I knew I had to push myself to make a change. Also I loved how convenient it was to reach you. I learned what my body needs and what is considered “cheating” for my body. I learned that it is ok to treat yourself without feeling bad, but not losing track of the end goal. I now understand how consistent and self-driven I have to be to reach my fitness goals. I honestly feel like I own it at the gym, I feel so strong when I’m there. 



Danielle B.

I feel like my life has changed so much because of it; however, I think the knowledge and the confidence are the two biggest takeaways. Before Sam’s program I thought if I go hard every single day at the gym and not eat anything aside from vegetables I would accomplish my goals. But that isn't possible... AT ALL. Sam taught me that I don't need to deprive my body from it's wants and cravings to get to where I want to get, and she taught me that it's OKAY to not be perfect with a meal or to have an off day at the gym. Because of that mentality this 12 week program felt like a natural shift rather than a complete, sudden and unhealthy change. Most importantly now have the knowledge to recognize the small wins as I work towards the big ones. The program taught me to look at how diet, working out, every day decisions and rest all factor into a healthy LIFESTYLE, not just looking good in an Instagram picture. Since this was such a natural lifestyle improvement and not a crash diet or workout fad, I don't see this as the end of my journey at all. I'm so excited to continue on what Sam has taught me and look forward to the new challenges and goals I set for myself. I know I will continue to make the right decisions for my body and that's a feeling I am SO proud to have. 



Vanessa V.

I feel confident. It’s nice knowing I’ll never have to worry about being unhealthy again because I know exactly how to feed my body and fuel it properly. It’s so nice to have that confidence now and it’s only going to grow because I’m not stopping this fitness grind! This has become a lifestyle and I am forever grateful for Sam and all the girls in the program for the support, encouragement, and tips & tricks. I always think back to the night I just said screw it and filled out your application. I didn’t even think you’d accept me let alone 12 weeks later be standing here 10lbs lighter with a SH*T ton more muscle AND confidence. I think it’s sage to say I KILLED IT. 



Corrie W.

The best part of Sam’s program is that it is comprehensive. I have access to plenty of workout programs, but there aren't many programs that offer workout advice AND nutrition advice. The ones that offer both are extremely limited in nutirion, meaning I found myself eating endless piles of ground beef and eggs, and had no REAL options when it came to living my life over a 12 week time frame. Sam gave me specific advice on how much to eat within a framework of various food choices. I love that I could go out with friends and family, eat something off the menu, with just a little modification, and still stay on track with my goals.  I have changed in so many ways. I am still myself- but a newer, better version!!! I look leaner, I feel stronger, and ALL of my clothes fit for the first time in 4 years- Hell yes to that. I feel braver- I tried a new sport 10 weeks into the program (surfing- no easy feat!) and was able to do it!! And, I wore a bikini while doing it- like, who am I??? Mentally, I have a new confidence in myself and my physical abilities. I also have confidence in myself and I can feel it in the way I interact with other people. I have found myself making eye contact and genuinely being able to engage with people because I am not worried about what they are thinking about my physical self and I know that my WHOLE self is enough  and I can be present. Sam and her program came into my life at a time when I was seeking support and looking for a way to truly transform how I saw myself and my abilities. I have a renewed sense of power and confidence, as well as a ton of knowledge on how to take care of my body. I am so, so thankful that I invested in myself.